Martial Arts Organizations and Tournaments

Although there is a long list of specialized organizations for each type of martial art there are some umbrella organizations that attempt to bring all martial arts together under one roof. These associations can give you information about local organizations, tournaments, and news about what is happening in the general world of martial arts.

There are many important martial arts organizations in the world, and we included the most prominent ones below. For a more extensive list of general organizations and associations, visit
Most instructors are aware of upcoming local tournaments. If the sites in this section don’t provide all the information you need about a particular tournament, ask your instructor or consult your local school.

The National Association of Professional Martial Artists is the largest organization for professional martial artists in the world. With members in more than 20 countries, the organization seeks to maintain a network of these instructors and further the development of martial arts teaching throughout the world. The site includes an archive of martial arts news and content from NAPMA’s Martial Arts Professional magazine. There’s also information on how NAPMA aids the development of schools and allows for schools to become members online.

The Martial Arts Industry Association is geared toward the community of martial arts teachers, featuring advice on how to promote, improve, and manage their schools. The site has information on becoming a member, a schedule of program seminars, and a store with a large number of books and videos.

The International Martial Arts Council of America (IMAC) considers itself an “open martial arts organization” and aims to advance the appreciation of martial arts worldwide. The site features information on who can join, and includes an online membership application. It also has a quarterly e-magazine and information on its national training camp.

The Martial Arts International Federation is a nonprofit umbrella group that seeks to provide a “global network” of martial arts organizations. The site has a directory of member organizations, a calendar of upcoming events, and a section on martial arts news. The organization is also responsible for creating martial arts standards, and furthering the development of the arts worldwide.

The Sidekick Foundation is a nonprofit organization that helps at-risk children, the disabled, and the elderly participate in martial arts training. The organization has more than 100 chapters throughout the United States; unfortunately, its list of partners isn’t searchable and you’ll have to scroll through the list. If you don’t find a chapter near you, contact the foundation for more information.

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