Exeedo martial arts supply a premier wholesale distributors of martial arts supplies in Hamilton, Canada. Armed with over 20 years’ experience in manufacturing martial arts equipment and apparel, Exeedo will always deliver top class supplies at affordable prices. Our equipment and apparel are made in our own manufacturing plant in Sialkot, Pakistan, an area well-known for the manufacturing of high-quality sports gear all over the world.

We cater to all forms of martial arts. Our equipment and apparel are perfect for any boxing, MMA, MuayThai and martial arts professionals and enthusiasts.

Exeedo has 4 divisions that are dedicated to catering to our customer's needs:

Wholesale Division
We deal in wholesale only so you are guaranteed the lowest price. This allows us to cut out the middleman to deliver products to your exact standards and requirements at best prices. We have an extensive range of products and provides for free delivery in all of Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area (GTHA). Exeedo guarantees excellent quality products, great service, and absolute value. If you own a Dojo, club or gym and want the full benefit of our lowest wholesale pricing, then simply complete our wholesale inquiry form. We will send you our unbeatable wholesale price list.

Custom product Division
The added benefit of buying your products from Exeedo is that we specialize in custom products. You can have all the equipment, apparel and gear customized with your logo and slogan. Your brand can be boldly displayed on anything from boxing gloves, shin guards, punching bags, hand wraps, kick shields, Muay Thai shorts, sparring gear and uniforms for your students, staff and trainers. The only thing you need to do is send us your logo and we will create a design that clearly symbolizes who you are, or send us your own design.

Manufacturing Division
Exeedo has its own manufacturing plant in Sialkot, Pakistan. We are dedicated to making high-quality gear at affordable prices. Should you be in the market for reliable and affordable supplier contact us today to discuss how we can best cater to your needs.

We produce branded and custom-made products such as gym equipment, gear bags, sparring gear, compression clothing, hoodies and exercise gear. We can provide the design and concept according to your requirements. We offer all dojos, sporting gyms, and organizations huge benefits when using our superior service. We also offer competitive prices, a high standard of manufacturing, and extensive expertise.

Our Belief
At Exeedo, we strive to supply the finest quality products at the best prices. We believe in high-quality at the best value. Our wide variety of product range from gym equipment, MMA gear, fitness apparel, compression and activewear are made to the highest industry standards. We believe in a personalized service to ensure that your every need is met. From concept, design, manufacturing, delivery and after-sales service. At Exeedo, we strive to exceed all your expectations.

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  • We really love the quality of the products and professionalism in their service. Our school has been using Exeedo gear for close to two years now, and the students are quite happy with them. What sets them apart is the personalized attention they give their clients and the prompt response to inquiries and orders. Our first set of custom orders were also well recieved, so we look forward to doing more.
    Toronto Hapkido Academy
  • I love this supplier of martial arts equipment. I get my logo on my gloves and the quality and prices are great! Many items to choose from so whenever I need some new equipment, I can find it at Exeedo :) Even custom stuff - like hand wraps with skulls! My favourite custom item.
    Sonia Morgan